February 5, 2023

Tyler James Williams, from “Everybody Hates Chris”, has reached 47 kg due to illness

Tyler James Williamsin which he played the protagonist Everyone hates Chriswhich was revealed for the US release of Men’s health which weighs 47 kg. He explained that he has Crohn’s disease, which may have a genetic origin and affect the gut. Due to the condition, he had to have surgery to reduce the size of his digestive system – which caused an infection in the hospital and led to extreme thinness.

The actor revealed that for many years he was believed to be unable to gain muscle mass. Tyler told the magazine that even on an obesity diet and lots of physical exercise, he couldn’t stop being skinny.

Tyler James Williams currently weighs 65 kg and follows a balanced diet take photo: Instagram/willtylerjames

In 2017, it was discovered that he had Crohn’s disease, after becoming suddenly ill and experiencing severe stomach pain. “I was pushing my body to the limit,” he said, “when December came it fell.”

Currently, Tyler weighs 65 kg and displays a toned body, as seen in the photos taken by the magazine. In addition to the surgery, the actor began eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding foods that could trigger a crisis, such as red meat, coffee, and alcoholic beverages.

But one thing in particular caught Tyler’s eye in his doctor’s prescription. He said, “This is something that will keep your system from becoming inflamed, keep your mind straight, and get you to eat.” And I said, “What is this wonderful drug we’re talking about?” “He wrote me a prescription for marijuana,” he said, laughing.

On his personal Instagram, the actor posted one of the photos taken by the magazine to announce his interview. In the caption, the article is dedicated to patients with Crohn’s disease. “We have to keep learning to listen to our bodies and treat them better,” he wrote.