February 8, 2023

Tyson blasts Inter boss, behind-the-scenes revelations about the termination and quotes Yuri Alberto

The attacker said he did not want to see the manager “not even gold plated”.

Jan 8th
– 09:40 am

(updated at 09:43)

Photo: Ricardo Duarte / Internacional / Gazeta Sportiva

Midfielder Tyson, by mutual agreement, agreed to cancel his contract with international, last Saturday. On the same day, a few hours later, the player spared no criticism of the club’s president, Alessandro Barcelos, and told the scenes about the break in his ligament.

The athlete stated that he did not want to see the head coach again, “not even gold-plated.” Revealed by the Beira-Rio frostbite, Tyson revealed that he was hurt by the way he was let go and said he would even accept a pay cut to stay on the team. After that, Yuri mentioned Alberto, who, according to him, negotiated his return to Colorado, but a few days later he announced that before Corinthians.

“I don’t want to see him (Alessandro Barcellos) until he’s painted with gold in front of me. You know what it feels like for a guy who keeps calling you every day to come over. I got a good salary at Shakhtar, a good contract. And he calls me all day to come over. Then I cancel, I leave. A truckload of money there, to get here and they do it to me. I lived the club, I was a fan on the field. What I wanted most this year was to be a champion. And I told the guys, if they want to cut my salary, they can give it up for good. I’ll fight to be the initiator. But they They didn’t want to and I’m not going to lower myself too much,” he released while sharing a live broadcast twitchmediated by streamer Gustavo Paiva.

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