July 22, 2024

U.S. judge denies Capitol Quarter request for travel

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Last Thursday (6/1), exactly one year after the US Capitol invasion, a U.S. judge from the District of Columbia denied the accused’s request to take part in the operation for a ten – day trip to Jamaica.

Trump supporters besieged the US Congress building in January 2021Blink O’Fone / Flickr

Anthony Williams, who was promoted by supporters of former President Donald Trump in January last year, is accused of five counts of involvement in the Congress invasion. He told me to visit his girlfriend’s family. The government side took the opposite view. The information is on the website BuzzFeed News.

In the ruling, Judge Beryl Howell said the court would not celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Capitol Hill attack. According to him, the defendant was given the freedom to travel internationally when he expressed a desire to take part in the invasion.

In December 2020, just days before the attack, Williams wrote in a post on his Facebook account that he was angry and was going to the Capitol. According to FBI investigations, he would have been proud and happy to be active after the episode.

Defendant was identified by the U.S. government through photos and videos posted on Facebook while inside the building. Williams was arrested in March last year, but he was allowed to return home. Entered into restricted territory, he has been charged with other offenses, including disorderly and disorderly conduct on campus and disorderly conduct in the Capitol.

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