June 29, 2022
Autoridades dos EUA decifram mistério de esquiador desaparecido há 40 anos

U.S. officials understand the mystery of the skier who went missing 40 years ago

(Archive) While searching for Rudy’s motor, in 1983, 30 cm of snow fell, which made the job harder – AFP / Arquivos

U.S. officials said this week that the mystery of a German skier who went missing nearly four decades ago in the Never Summer Mountains of Colorado seems to have been solved by the discovery of bone remains.

Rudy Motor, 27, went to the snowy peaks of Never Summer on February 13, 1983, a part of the Rocky Mountains and never returned. His roommate warned he was missing a week later, which led to a search with dogs and first responders, as well as aerial intelligence.

During the four-day operation, the crews worked in heavy snow, only food in a cave and the motor’s sleep and climbing equipment could only be recovered. After that, the search hunt failed for several years.

In August last year, the National Park Service announced Thursday that a researcher had found human bones in an area known as the “Bone Valley” near the avalanche’s remains and at an altitude of 3,350 meters.

“This summer, park guards searched the area and found skis, poles and boots and remnants of personal effects believed to belong to the motor,” the report said.

An FBI team was called in to help remove and secure the items. Attempts to identify the remains using dental records are not conclusive, but there is extensive cooperation from the German government and Moder’s family, and officials believe the mystery has been understood.

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