July 1, 2022
U.S. sales confirm part of Morphric and Minerva's good balance sheet.  JPS will remain the same

U.S. sales confirm part of Morphric and Minerva’s good balance sheet. JPS will remain the same

US share of Brazilian exports grows in fresh and processed meat (Image: Divulgação / Frigorífico Verdi)

Monthly results Exports From Beef To United States Helps explain a good portion of the positive reserves Refrigerators With more presence in that market.

The country has already established itself as the second largest buyer in Brazil, it pays well and its share of fresh beef is growing rapidly in exports.

Oh Morphric (MRFG3) Came out well in the third trimester. Oh Minerva (Beef3), Including the calculation with Athena Foods, which controls the units in South America, is even better if one considers that the local plant is non-existent and depends only on its exports.

Balance JPS (JBSS3), It should be known, should not be different.

According to Secex’s official post released last night, the number of Abrafrigo jobs has more than doubled by 2020, practically doubling, and this month is up against 2021. Let’s move on to the last three.

As of October: 95,759 tonnes, up from 48,773 / t last year (96.3% increase).

As of September: 82,352 / t vs. 40,602 / t (102.8%).

As of August: 66,467 / t vs 34,502 / t (92.7%).

The fall in sales for China, which is already entering November from September, will be felt at the end of the year, but the numbers for the US will not stop rising at the first pace since January.

In the full market, the absence of Chinese imports after the mad cow represents a 31% decline in total October exports, totaling 108.6 thousand / and US $ 541.6 million.