July 14, 2024

U.S. senators urge Biden ‘serious consequences’ if Polonnaruwa disrupts democracy

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U.S. senators urge Biden 'serious consequences' if Polonnaruwa disrupts democracy
U.S. senators urge Biden 'serious consequences' if Polonnaruwa disrupts democracy

Chairman of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Menendez, and three other senators Sent This Tuesday (28) a Paper Urges the government Joe Biden To make it clear to President Jair Bolzano that any democratic breakdown in Brazil will have “serious consequences”. In the letter sent to State Secretary, Anthony BlinkSenators warn that Bolzano is violating constitutional order in Brazil, threatening with “irresponsible” language and threatening gestures against federal Supreme Court ministers.

“As Brazil is one of the largest democracies and economies in the world and one of America’s key allies in the region, the degeneration of Brazilian democracy has had an impact on the hemisphere and beyond,” the senators told Folha de S.Paulo. “We urge you to make it clear that the United States supports Brazilian democratic institutions and that any violation of the current constitutional order will have serious consequences.”

Menendez is a well-respected moderate in Washington, chairing the Foreign Relations Committee and having great influence on US foreign policy. Besides him, Democratic senators Dick Durbin, Ben Cardin and Sherrod Brown are signing the letter.

In the letter, the Democrat leader promises that Brazil should be “a bulwark against undemocratic actors from China and Russia to Cuba and Venezuela” who are trying to disrupt democratic stability in our hemisphere. Based on this bilateral relationship “, they continue.

Lawmakers are urging the Secretary of State to make support for Brazilian democracy a diplomatic priority, including bilateral discussions on Brazil’s participation in organizations such as Brazil. OECD It is ஒட்டான்“.

Brazil needs the support of the US government to be the next candidate to approach the OECD, also known as the Club of Rich Countries. Entering the OECD will serve as a kind of quality mark for investors, one of Bolsanaro’s foreign policy priorities.

Support for Brazil to become a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) global partner was given to Brazil in August by US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan and generated criticism in the US Congress.

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“Irresponsible language”

In a letter to Blinken, senators say Bolsanaro made dangerous statements about the 2022 election, saying he would not accept the decision if he lost and that the election would be rigged if there was no change in the electoral system. Senators say such “irresponsible language” is “dangerous” in any democracy.

Senators say Bolsanaro has carried out “personal attacks” against members STF He said ministers were prepared to use maneuvers outside the constitution to prevent them from exercising their legal powers.

“If President Bolsanaro keeps his promises and blatantly violates the Supreme Court’s decisions, it will set a very dangerous precedent for attempts to undermine Bolsanaro’s rule of law.”

During a meeting with Bolsanaro in August, Sullivan, a national security adviser to Hawaii who was a possible key theme in the auction of Brazilian 5G, expressed concern about the U.S. government’s threats of electoral integrity and allegations of ballot fraud. Boxes, according to a senior official in the Biden administration.

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