Uber and taxis: the minister Bonnardel sounds at the end of the pilot projects

Uber et taxis: le ministre Bonnardel sonne la fin des projets pilotes

For taxis and Uber able to play on a level playing field in Quebec, the minister of Transport, François Bonnardel sounds at the end of the pilot projects to the piece and proposes a reform to modernise in a sustainable manner the industry.

Mr. Bonnardel intends to file a bill in the coming weeks and hope to be able to make it adopt by the end of the session, in June.

It will propose a comprehensive reform of the transport industry people. Without giving the details of this reform, it has indicated that it would be guided by four principles: “to put an end to pilot projects and the uncertainty, make the industry fair, to lighten the burdens of administrative, regulatory and financial entrepreneurs, and facilitate the emergence of innovations”.

Mr. Bonnardel has criticized the previous government for not having had the “courage” to resolve the question of fairness between taxis and new transport companies people as Uber, preferring instead to put in place pilot projects.

The liberal mna Gaétan Barrette replied vociferously, arguing that the CAQ, especially in health care, worked also with the help of pilot projects.

The Parti québécois and Québec solidaire are, they are shown open to a modernization of the industry of transportation of persons, while asking the government to compensate taxi drivers who will lose at the currency exchange.

More details to come…

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