December 2, 2022
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Uber will use only electric cars in the US, Canada and Europe by 2030

Photo: Paul Hanoka | to splash

Uber has set a target for a fleet 100% electric vehicles In the US, Europe and Canada, by 2030. This means that, in about 8 years, drivers without electric cars will not be able to register on the shared transport platform at these locations. “We aim to have fully electric transportation in the US, Canada and Europe,” said Uber’s CEO Tara Khosrowshahi.

The transition to electric vehicles has already begun in some US cities with Comfort Electric service. The game started in California and recently expanded to 24 US cities and Vancouver, Canada.

Besides Comfort Electric, with 100% electric vehicles, users can opt for Uber Green, which includes hybrid and electric cars. In Brazil, Uber offers the option Uber PlanetFrom 2021 onwards. Through the product, passengers can offset the carbon emissions (CO2) of journeys made by the app.

Uber planet
Image: Disclosure | Uber

The price of these standard options is still higher than regular rides offered by Uber, but the idea is that the values ​​will adjust as new electric vehicles enter circulation on the platform. “The more electric cars we have in a given market, the shorter the waiting time and the lower the prices,” Khosrowshahi said.

Shared transportation

As urban mobility becomes increasingly sustainable, so is the preference for such methods Bicycle And public transportation is essential. The choice of transport in private vehicles, even if they are electric, continues to have negative environmental impacts, from the manufacture of vehicles, to congestion on public roads, to cars that carry more than one person.

When the car is the choice for transportation, car-sharing, ride-sharing and transit apps are more sustainable alternatives because the same vehicle is used by many people. In this case, using electric cars is an even better choice, as they avoid emissions of greenhouse gases and help combat air and noise pollution in urban centers.

Uber planet
Photo: Viktor Bystrov | to splash

Today, Uber has approximately 25,000 electric vehicles in the US and Canada, and aims to grow this fleet to 50,000 by 2024. According to the company, “electric vehicle drivers operating on the Uber platform avoided over-utilization. 5.7 million gallons of gasoline “Only in 2022.

To encourage and help drivers on the platform get on board with the electric fleet, Uber pays drivers a dollar for every EV trip and helps cover some of the billing costs. Additionally, a partnership with Hertz has made nearly 50,000 Tesla electric vehicles available for monthly or weekly rental by app drivers in multiple cities across North America.