June 29, 2022
UFC: Bruno Blindado resists three illegal hits and hits in the third round |  Fight

UFC: Bruno Blindado resists three illegal hits and hits in the third round | Fight

Bruno Blindado struggled, had some holes in his game, but showed the heart to defeat Andrew Sanchez by KO at 2:35 of the third round in the final fight over the UFC Ladd vs Dumont preliminary tag, on Saturday, in Las Vegas (USA), middleweight (up to 84 kg). The Brazilian had to deal with his opponent’s elimination game, but mainly with the low blows he received. He was illegally beaten on three occasions and only the last time the American was punished by a single point loss. After the knockout, the Thai evolution athlete received a jiu-jitsu black belt in the octagon.

Bruno Pelindado defeated Andrew Sanchez by KO in 2:35 of R3 – Image: Getty Images

Armored didn’t take long to get its hands on the Americans. With a combination of blows to the body, the opponent was left trapped. Sanchez realized that standing in the fight would become complicated for him, so he tried to take the decision to remove and was able to put the Brazilian’s back on the floor. Bruno got to his feet after two minutes of resistance on the ground, and in the last minute he received two low blows, but the referee did not take a point from Sanchez. In the second round, the American was not given space and dominated the entire time in grappling combat.

Bruno Pelindado defeated Andrew Sanchez by KO in 2:35 of R3 – Image: Getty Images

At a disadvantage in the fight, Blindado came back strong for the third round and hooked up good punches. When he was pressing the American, he received an illegal third blow to the opponent, which was punished with a loss of one point. The Brazilian looked more fit and sped up with long sets. Bruno varied his punches to the head, body and knees, and Sanchez gave in until he was interrupted by the referee.

Luana Dread wins a balanced fight

It wasn’t easy, but Luana Dread won second straight in the UFC and third in four fights for the organization. She faced the Brazilian Lupita Godins and worked against the Mexican, but got a unanimous decision (three times 29-28) in her favour, in a contested flyweight (under 57kg) fight.

Luana Dredd beats Lupita Godinez on points – Image: Getty Images

Lupita started the fight strong and earned a removal in the first round. On the ground, I came close to finishing, but Luana fought back well and the timer was reset before the Mexican could make the arm bar. Godinez tried to stick with strategy in the following rounds, but Dread defended himself well, tying his knees well and turning the fight over.

Ariane Sorriso presents Estella Nunes

Ariane Sorriso performed strong to score her second consecutive Ultimate win. Against compatriot Estella Nunes, she submitted a backhand throttle at 2:57 in the third round to secure her 14th positive result in her career in 16 games. Istela first appeared in the organization and now has seven victories and two setbacks in the cartel.

Ariane Sorriso beat Estella Nunes via submission in 2:57 minutes of R3 – Image: Getty Images

Sorriso was able to prove himself from the start with his high-pressure game, leaving little room for Estella to pounce. After two rounds of supremacy, Ariane took advantage of a third-round takedown to bounce back and fit into the submission.

UFC Ladd x Dumont
October 16, 2021, in Las Vegas (USA)
Basic card:
Peso Pina: Aspen Ladd x Norma Dumont
Heavyweight: Andrei Arlovsky vs. Carlos Puy
Jim Miller defeated Eric Gonzalez by knockout in 14 seconds at R2
Manon Furu defeated Mayra Chitara by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
Nate Landwehr defeated Ludovit Klein by submission at 2:22 in R3
Introductory card:
Bruno Blindado defeated Andrew Sanchez by KO in 2:35 at R3
Danny Roberts defeated Ramadan Eimev by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
Luana Dread defeated Lupina Godinez by unanimous decision (Triple 29-28)
Danaa Batgerel defeated Brandon Davis by TKO in the 2m01s of R1
Ariane Sorriso defeated Estella Nunes by submission at 2’57 from R3