June 29, 2022
UFC: Holloway defeats Yair Rodriguez by unanimous decision in main event thriller |  Fight

UFC: Holloway defeats Yair Rodriguez by unanimous decision in main event thriller | Fight

If the UFC Championships were held on Saturday, in Las Vegas (USA), with the crowd, then Max Holloway and Yair Rodriguez, members of the main event, would surely have received a standing ovation from the crowd. This is because the featherweight athletes made five electrified rounds inside the octagon, and even without the knockout or surrender, they delivered the best fight in this version.

And the victory at the end of 25 minutes of the confrontation went to Max Holloway by unanimous decision of the judges (49-46, 49-46 and 48-47). But Rodriguez’s performance, which was praised by his opponent, highlighted the achievement of the former featherweight champion, eager for a new opportunity to dispute the class title, currently owned by Aleksandr Volkanovsky.

Max Holloway won the jury’s decision – Image: Getty Images

After losing twice to Volkanovsky, Max Holloway requalified him in 2021 and is expected to finish the year with 100% success. “Blessed,” which Calvin overtook a train in January, returns after three years to claim two back-to-back wins.

Without acting since October 2019, Yair Rodriguez suffered the third loss of his career. But his performance in the cage after two years of inactivity makes him one of the most interesting names in the department.

Max Holloway and Yair Rodriguez lived up to expectations in the first round, full of intense action, elegant dazzle, grit and technique. Seriously, Yair Rodriguez wasn’t shy about lowering his dodge guard and introduced his creative moves to Hawaii. In the second phase, Yair Rodriguez and Holloway began investing in front kicks. Even being taller, Mubarak found it difficult to measure the distance. Confident in himself, Yair lowered his guard, scored when he hit Hawaii in the face, and fired skillful kicks, but avoided the opponent’s advance. À No Anderson Silva, Yair put his back on the net, without fear that his opponent would hit him. He was even injured, but he didn’t seem to feel the damage. However, the larger size came from the former featherweight champion.

Max Holloway trying to land on Rodriguez’s right – Image: Getty Images

Max Holloway tried to squeeze into the third stage early on. He dropped his flying knee and in return got a high kick. When Yair Rodriguez sensed it, Holloway controlled him on the floor, moved from pose to back and imposed on the Mexican his most dramatic moment in the octagon. Rodriguez rolled himself, freed himself from his mountain, but let go of his neck and remained dominant on the ground. With one minute and thirty minutes to go, Rodriguez released him, going all-or-nothing with his goalkeeper swinging. With 45 seconds from the clock to zero, Holloway applied the takedown and finished off the dominant run from the top.

Max Holloway risks the guillotine on Yair Rodriguez – Image: Getty Images

In the fourth round, Rodriguez and Holloway invested in a straight shot from close range. The former champion injured his knee, tied the Mexican’s neck and chose to choke. The Mexican spun and fell but avoided submission with his back to the ground. Pantera tried to be aggressive even with choking and stood until he hit his thumb in his left eye. After a 30-second pause, the confrontation resumed. A violent ballet continued in the middle of the octagon.

The fifth round was a repeat of the previous round. However, this time around, Yair Rodriguez was able to beat Holloway through his sweep. However, the Mexicans did not stay on Hawaii. They stood, and went on to stand again, but Holloway decided to lock his opponent against the net to ensure a points win.

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