UFO recorded next to the Sun UFO in the form of an angel

During the study of NASA photos of UFO I spotted a UFO in the form of an angel. Unusual cosmic plate appeared around the Sun once in the last six years.

Уфологи зафиксировали возле Солнца НЛО в виде ангела

The form of unidentified flying object resembles an angel with outstretched wings. Near the tail UFO’s are round formations similar to ships. Scientists believe that this aircraft, which protect the main object. These ships can be used for battle with other alien beings. Only the researchers counted eight equal-size protective ships.

The main goal of the UFO – find out the reasons for the continual appearance of angelic UFO near the Sun. While scientists were able to identify only one version, according to which alien civilization are harvested for further study samples from the surface of the star.

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