July 21, 2024

UK proposes ‘significant military deployment’ for NATO in Europe | Globalism

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UK proposes 'significant military deployment' for NATO in Europe |  Globalism
UK proposes 'significant military deployment' for NATO in Europe |  Globalism

the United kingdom preparing to propose to Otan On Saturday (29), British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a “significant” mobilization of troops, weapons, warships and aircraft in Europe, in response to the increase in “Russian hostility” against Ukraine.

Presentation to the leaders Otan Next week, the British government is likely to double its strength of about 1,150 British soldiers, currently stationed in Eastern European countries, and send “defensive weapons” to Estonia, her office said.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine: UK promises negotiations and visit to Eastern Europe

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine: UK promises negotiations and visit to Eastern Europe

“This set of measures will send a clear message to the Kremlin that we will not tolerate their destabilizing activity and will always stand by our allies in the Kremlin. Otan “In the face of Russian hostility,” Johnson said in a statement published this evening.

“I have instructed our armed forces to prepare to deploy in Europe next week, and to make sure that we are in a position to support our allies in Otan By land, sea and air.”

The British leader added that if Russian President Vladimir Putin opted for “bloodshed and destruction” in Ukraine, it would be a “tragedy for Europe”.

“Ukraine should be free to choose its own future,” he added.

Johnson, who has come under strong political pressure in his country in recent weeks after a series of scandals, said on Friday that he would speak with Putin in the coming days to ask him to stop the escalation in Ukraine.

In the meantime, he is expected to visit the region next week.

Relations between Russia and Westerners were at their most tense since the Cold War, after Moscow sent thousands of soldiers to the Ukrainian border.

The British Foreign Office is expected to announce in Parliament on Monday the tightening of sanctions against Russia that will affect its strategic and financial interests.

British officials will be sent to Brussels, headquarters Otanto elaborate details of the military parade after ministers address the various options on Monday.

The Chief of Defense Staff Tony Radakin and the Commander of the Armed Forces will brief the Cabinet on the situation in Ukraine the following day.

The possible deployment of aircraft, warships and military specialists, as well as troops and weapons, will strengthen the defenses Otan and ‘promote support United kingdom to its partners in the Nordic and Baltic countries,” according to Johnson’s office.

Britain has more than 900 military personnel in Estonia and more than 100 are currently in Ukraine as part of a training mission that began in 2015.

A squadron of about 150 light cavalry was also deployed to Poland.

Downing Street said the warship HMS Prince of Wales, currently in the northern part of the European Arctic, is at the helm of a highly available naval force from Otanready to “move in (a matter of) hours if tensions escalate.”

On the diplomatic front, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace are preparing to visit Moscow in the coming days to speak with their counterparts.

“They will be asked to improve relations with President Putin’s government and facilitate de-escalation,” Johnson’s office said.

Wallace will also travel to meet allies in Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia next week.

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