July 20, 2024

Ukraine – Look at the international sanctions imposed on Russia by World War II

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Ukraine - Look at the international sanctions imposed on Russia by World War II
Ukraine - Look at the international sanctions imposed on Russia by World War II

As the conflict between Russia and UkraineMany countries have applied Sanctions on the Russian government For the invasion attempt. Last Thursday (24) Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the operation to begin.

Since then, countries such as the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom have issued restraining orders Control Economic and technical activities, for example.

This Saturday (26) the European Commission announced that it is proposing to “freeze the assets of the Russian central bank” in the European Union (EU) so that Moscow can not use them to fund the invasion of Ukraine.

With this move, “there will be financial transactions Frozen And the dissolution of Russian assets is impossible, “said Ursula von der Leyen, chairman of the commission, in a video after meeting with representatives of the United States, France, Germany and Italy.

In addition, some powers have decided to exempt many Russian banks from interbank messaging services. SwiftBasic International Transactions. The German government announced this information today (26).

The German government said that the authorized banks would be “cut off from international financial flows, which would significantly reduce their global operations.”

Swift system

The Swift System (Global Community for Banks Telecommunications Telecommunication) is a technology tool that allows for rapid money transfer between countries.

Technology connects 11 thousand banks And financial institutions in more than 200 countries. It is estimated that more than 1% of transactions involve Russian payments.

Closed air gaps

Germany will also close the airspace for Russian aircraft. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Baltic States and Bulgaria Banned Russian airlines In their skies.

German Lufthansa, the largest European airline, has announced that it will suspend all flights to Russia and will not cross the country’s airspace for seven days.

Monetization lock

YouTube announced that due to “exceptional circumstances” in Russia-occupied Ukraine, some Russian channels, such as RT, would block the opportunity to monetize their content on the platform.

Also, access to RT (formerly Russia Today) and other Russian channels in Ukraine.

“Due to the exceptional circumstances in Ukraine, we take one Series of measurements“, A company spokesman said.

Technology Export

The United States, which has strongly condemned Russia for the conflict, has historically been ‘rich’ with the country and has since issued a series of measures against the Russian government since Thursday.

Among them, technology exports are stifled. According to US President Joe Biden, the embargo restricts Russia’s ability to advance its military and aerospace sector.

A statement from the White House said, “This includes restrictions on semiconductors, telecommunications, cryptographic security, lasers, sensors, navigation, aircraft and maritime technologies throughout Russia.”

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