August 9, 2022
“Um Lugar ao Sol” author comments on Rebecca’s masturbation scene: “Women also feel pleasure and desire” |  place in the sun

“Um Lugar ao Sol” author comments on Rebecca’s masturbation scene: “Women also feel pleasure and desire” | place in the sun

This Wednesday, the former model rejected an attack from her husband, and minutes later she was arrested tully (Daniel Dantas), masturbating in bed. It ended up generating a DR between the couple.

Rebecca has a DR with Tullio about the couple’s sexuality

author Lecia Manzo explain to Gshow What prompted her to raise the topic of female pleasure in prime times:

“My intention in writing the scene was to take something natural and healthy out of the closet. A woman can explore, get to know her body.”

“I wrote the scene because women also feel pleasure and desire. Because sexuality is part of women’s lives, not just men.”

Lecia Manzo, author of ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’, commented on Rebecca’s intimate scene: ‘Women also feel pleasure and desire’ – Photo: Globo

In the plot, Rebecca lives a toxic marriage with Tullio. betrayed husbandThe character tries to ignore the indications that their relationship collapsed long ago.

An unscrupulous businessman lacks affection, care and attention.

Lecia stated, “I wrote the scene because in a toxic and abusive marriage, the most honorable way for a woman can be to search for the lost connection with herself, and to rediscover the pleasure in herself.”

She added, “Loneliness for two is horrific. And the way to free Rebecca, like other women, is literally in her hands — and in her body.”

Andrea Beltrau plays Rebecca in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ – Photo: Globo / Fábio Rocha

Before she refuses to have sex with her husband, Rebecca tries to maintain a basic dialogue with Tullio: she tries to vent to her husband about the family conflicts that she encountered during the day, but it does not work.

Having fallen into a moment of self-pleasure, the character attempts to explain to her husband why she chose to please herself:

“All I wanted was a kiss, a hug, a conversation about what I lived with my sister and that wasn’t fun at all. What I mean is that one thing leads to another: sex doesn’t start the morning, the way you treat me.”

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