July 24, 2024

UN experts urge US to refrain from expelling indigenous peoples

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UN experts urge US to refrain from expelling indigenous peoples
UN experts urge US to refrain from expelling indigenous peoples
UN experts urge US to refrain from expelling indigenous peoples

UN experts urge US to stop deporting indigenous peoples – Getty Images North America / AFP / Archives

On Thursday, UN human rights experts urged the United States to prevent the expulsion of dozens of Native American members from their ancestral lands.

UN Special Rapporteurs want the US government to prevent the Nouakchott Tribal Council from forcing 63 people who identify themselves as members of the community in the northwestern state of Washington to leave their homes.

The case illustrates the complex relationship between US authorities and the hundreds of ethnic groups within its borders.

The statement, signed by Balakrishnan Rajagopal and Francisco Kali Tse, stated, “We (…) are concerned that forced evictions deny people the opportunity to enjoy their own culture and use their own language in the community.

Both insist the families’ homes were built by tribals using federal funds on land owned by the US government.

“Many are elderly, women and children, some with disabilities and chronic illnesses, and have been living in their homes for more than a decade,” the document continued.

“Immediate expulsion will significantly affect the health of some people who may be affected during Govt-19 infections,” he added.

The Seattle Times reports that the Nouakchott government has been trying to oust 300 of its 2,000 members over the years.

According to the paper, council chairman Rose Klein Sr claimed that the “306 of Nooksack” had been incorrectly registered as tribal members in the 1980s but could not prove their ancestry.

Therefore, eviction is a simple matter of complying with tribal rules, he said.

Gabriel Calanda, a lawyer for the 21 families threatened with eviction, explained to AFP, “They claim that an ancestor did not appear in the 1942 federal census document, so these tribes do not exist.”

It “says all the historical, genetic, anthropological and aboriginal information differently,” he added.

Calanda explained that the tribal courts found the eviction illegal, but the Tribal Council disagreed.

“Now they have closed this tribal court so my clients செல்ல can not go there to get any help. That is why we returned to the United Nations. “

Calanda said he expects the federal government to put some pressure on him, even if he is not technically more successful than the tribal government.

The relationship between the various governments of the United States and the aboriginal nations living in that country is complex and immersed in history.

Collectively, they are recognized as “dependent indigenous peoples” and have their own police and judicial bodies with jurisdiction over the indigenous peoples living in the tribal lands.

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