March 25, 2023

UnB opens the bidding process for hiring a health plan for civil servants | capital Cities

The UnB health plan must include medical care in hospital, supplementary examinations and ancillary treatment services

The University of Brasília (UnB) opens a tender to recruit a health plan operator for its employees. Servers, active and inactive, dependents and retirees, regularly associated with UnB and aggregates, may join the Help Service.

The winning company must provide medical care and hospitals with obstetric and outpatient services. Complementary examinations and auxiliary services for diagnosis and treatment, but the exclusion of pre-existing or chronic diseases will be prohibited. Part of the cost of the health plan will be borne by the union and part by the public servant who joins the service.

According to the higher education institution, the notice will be published in the next few days and the contract is expected to be signed on April 14. Bidding will be by electronic auction method, with open participation and the lowest price.

“It was a legacy request from many of our servers. We haven’t been able to access a university plan for years. I can only thank the administrative units involved in the process. It was a careful job, with public consultation and pricing so that this tool could be implemented as quickly as possible” says Brigadier General Marcia Abraho

Dean of Personnel Management, Maria do Socorro notes: “It is a policy that seeks to evaluate the server, maintenance and continuity. Spending on health insurance is one of the heaviest expenses for workers as a whole. Through this measure, we intend to enable access to a good health plan in financially viable conditions for servers UnB“.