July 25, 2024

Understand how Google Street View will usher in a new era | electronics

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Understand how Google Street View will usher in a new era |  electronics
Understand how Google Street View will usher in a new era |  electronics

a Street View from Google received Several new gadgets in the past week, Along with the date on which it celebrated its 15th year of existence. Among the announcements, it was announced that from 2023 the company will use a new camera. With the new hardware, it is not an exaggeration to think that Google Maps You will enter a new era. Based on the most advanced technology system and customized for each case, the goal is for coverage to be more detailed and free from defects – such as missing spots or incorrect targeting by the application.

According to the company’s developers, new built-in cameras and modules will help fill these gaps, expanding the coverage of Street View from Google . See below the evolution of .’s mapping system The Google And understand how mobility can become better with new technologies.

Google Street View can be accessed by PC or cell phone – Photo: Reproduction / Google

Some locations are blurred in Street View – Image: Reproduction / ComputerWorld

The first sites set by Street View from Google They were neighborhoods close to the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. Since then, cartography has only grown, and in many ways. As of 2015, the tool allows portrait navigation when mapping El Capitan, One of the most famous rock walls in the world and is located in Yosemite, California – allowing the user to almost “climb” the site. However, during all these years, although some unfavorable and hard to reach places have already been drawn by Street View, some coverage gaps remain in certain areas of the city periphery.

Gaps and “spots” in the tool are usually not large, and they can even be ignored by vague eyes. They happen because, because the system relies on a very large number of photos, some basic errors occur when taking all these photos. The simplest is that the driver does not enter the street, either due to a lack of local knowledge or because he is unable to do so due to a pothole or other misfortune.

However, the company has already found a solution to this point. In 2012 , The Google It started allowing 360-degree photos to be taken in a collaborative way, with the help of locals or visitors. This cooperation must follow the company’s requirements, as well as go through the evaluation process.

The new cameras are portable, lightweight and can be installed on different types of vehicles – Photo: Disclosure / Google

Other “flaws” can also occur due to privacy issues, when the user places the order through the website. The Google So that your house becomes blurred or has an unclear number. However, there are more serious cases, where entire countries are affected.

Some strange examples of vulnerabilities have already been reported by users Google Maps over the years. This is what happened on the Caribbean island of San Andres, where a Street View vehicle appears to have made a third of the way around the island and then come to a stop for no apparent reason. There were no obvious obstacles or constructions on the site. User forum hypothesis The Google is that the driver went to the other side of the road, because the last catch was a bar.

The Street View Camera has a friendly and cute design – Photo: Disclosure / Google

As mentioned above, one of the reasons for Street View loopholes and flaws is related to mapping system hardware. Many places have very narrow streets or other ordeals that prevent cars from moving. If cars can’t get into the streets, taking pictures becomes even more difficult.

Therefore, from 2023 onwards, The Google You will use a new generation of cameras to take Street View photos. The new devices were developed to be smaller, reducing the need for large stents, making the process more practical and sustainable. This way, the device can be paired with any type of vehicle and can reach more places.

According to the company, the new Street View camera contains several tools in one body and weighs less than 7 kg. It consists of seven cameras arranged at different angles and more than 140 megapixels. In addition, the camera is customizable – that is, there is a platform on which resources can change depending on the purpose.

It is expected that with the new camera, more places will be explored by Google Street View – Photo: Reproduction / Google

With the new camera, vehicles other than cars can be used to take pictures – and The Google Already other options for movement are waiting. Currently, the Trekker is available, a backpack with a camera system on top and portability for recording tight spaces or spaces that can only be reached on foot.

The cart is another type of equipment, it is responsible for taking pictures in museums and stadiums. There is also a snowmobile, which captures slopes and has a mechanism that is resistant to extreme cold, and a tricycle, which has become the solution for narrow alleys and places with severe climbs.

With increasingly lighter equipment and the collaboration of partners — such as climbers, divers, and even animals — mapping of more complex environments tends to become more and more common. According to the company, places like Amazon are in the list of regions that will be able to be set with new cameras and features.

In the video below, learn about the unknown functions of Google Maps

Unknown features in Google Maps

Unknown features in Google Maps

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