August 14, 2022
Understand how TikTok was essential to this phenomenon

Understand how TikTok was essential to this phenomenon

“A Mulher da Casa Abandonada,” an investigative podcast that tells the story of a resident of an abandoned house in an upscale neighborhood in São Paulo who fled the United States after enslaving an employee for 20 years in the country, has become a phenomenon like which has been shared (and controversial) and on social networks. One of them, TikTok, had a huge impact on the fallout from the report.

The climax occurred on Wednesday (20) when, hours after the release of the final episode, the Civil Police of São Paulo entered the house to check the conditions of the venue and whether there was a “disabled abandonment”. A crowd began shouting at the door of the house and influencer Louisa Mill seemed to see if there were animals to be rescued. All of this was broadcast live on Datena’s Brasil Urgente, and in multiple lives on Instagram and TikTok.

In the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper’s live feed, podcast author Chico Felitti commented on the fallout and how TikTok helped publicize the investigation. In the third week [de divulgação do podcast] A completely unexpected explosion occurred, which I attribute to TikTok and other social networks. The young man found out about this story and began shooting a video in front of the house. ”

In the past few days, TikTokers like jaquelineguerreiro, beatrizmpessoa and phmariafifi have garnered more than 1 million views on their videos for the platform addressing the issue. They also filmed their visits to the site, which became a tourist spot for viewers who followed the podcast.

If the platforms, on the one hand, have helped make the report go viral, on the other hand, they have been the scene of much discussion about podcast content, audience reaction and reflections in the press, and the social issues raised by the show, such as structural racism and parade.

How TikTok helped amplify the cause

Raquel Riqueiro, researcher at UFPel and UFRGS, tells Earth byte This type of podcast real crime (which narrates cases of true crimes) its popularity has grown not only in Brazil, but throughout the world. On the other hand, Tik Tok has become a network that is not only entertaining, but also getting more and more beneficial.

It is possible that the fallout could put more pressure on the case, the professor says. However, there were always parallel investigations into criminal cases. “Whereas before it only happened in TV series, today this movement is translated on the Internet,” Recuero comments.

Magali Barrera do Prado, a postdoctoral fellow at ECA-USP, recalls that people have always had this taste for detective crime stories. “Everyday fact does not go viral. Indeed a criminal fact, yes. The more attractive it is, the more viral it goes. This affects some media content, such as TikTok itself, sometimes increasing this horror to get more audience,” she points out. .

The case of the woman in the abandoned house in Rua Piauí in Higienopolis, west of São Paulo

Photo: Aloisio Mauricio / FotoArena / Estadao

Before TikTok, TV and radio were already exploited in crime

Prado also mentions that we have examples of this fever on television and radio. She recalls the case of the interlocutor, Elie Courier, who read the messages sent by listeners, and over time, she saw that it was the messages related to crime stories that received the greatest audience. “So he didn’t move the message, but he moved some things to make it more interesting,” he recalls.

For Prado, social networks contain all kinds of utterances: from erroneous opinions to opinions based on experiences, all of which influence investigations on a large scale. “We subconsciously receive this ‘augmented reality’ that results from posting content on social networks,” he says.

On the other hand, Recuero realizes that most of the content on TikTok just repeats information already in other media, without adding much new, just changing the format.

And the influencers who went home?

Jaqueline Guerreiro went viral on TikTok with 8 million views opinions On the case of A Mulher da Casa Abandonada. She says that when she made the video, she listened to the first two episodes of the podcast. “I was at the mall near the house and decided to stop out of curiosity, and there were already so many people passing by and stopping there to see the house,” he explains.

It has a type page real crime on TikTok and has 1.1 million followers and over 9 million likes on the platform. For the creator, this case actually raises a lot of curiosity, mainly because the woman has never been brought to trial, since her escape to Brazil.

But Jacqueline sees the limits to the interference: “I don’t think it’s right to vandalize the house or try to get justice into their own hands. Because of the easy access to the street-facing house, I think the situation has gotten a little out of hand,” he says.