December 3, 2023
Understand how to keep your brain young by kicking these habits

Understand how to keep your brain young by kicking these habits

Certain behaviors are often detrimental to the development of cognition, resulting in a lack of focus and even an increased susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease. These problems can disrupt a career depending on the severity of certain bad habits. The faster these actions are corrected, the higher the chances of restoring mental balance.

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Here’s what to avoid to keep your brain young

neglect sleep

When you fail to sleep enough hours, the biological clock is affected, which increases its loss memory and fatigue. Prepare your room in advance, leave it dark, air-conditioned and clean. Avoid looking at social media and any electronic device, because excessive stimuli cause insomnia, and increase anxiety as well.

stop meditating

Meditation is no longer a simple pastime for those groups who love to communicate with nature. A study from the University of California, located in Los Angeles, noted that individuals who practice meditation have a better brain condition than those who do not. So relax deeply by meditating for at least 10 minutes a day, trying to focus inward.

Consume alcoholic beverages

The negative effects of alcohol on the brain are not only limited to addiction, but also take into account the accumulated problems. Small doses of alcoholic beverages are enough to change not only the hippocampus, but also the structure of the brain as a whole. Learning is profoundly affected, while mental health is affected by the disruption of pleasure hormones.

Don’t move

A sedentary lifestyle has many bad consequences that reduce the life expectancy of many residents. Exercising releases substances responsible for satisfaction, effectively reducing Stress. This way, you can be happier, learn more easily, and sleep better after you start walking, dancing, cycling, or lifting weights.

Don’t take responsibility

By failing to decide on its routine and taking responsibility, the brain stops abstracting from learning. In this way, knowledge begins to be forgotten, and like all muscles, the organ begins to remain stationary. Make choices and invest in tasks that improve your cognitive skills, while eliminating sources of distraction or wasted time.