August 15, 2022
Understand how your new electric car tires will work

Understand how your new electric car tires will work

Most countries of the world have already put an end to the production of fuel-powered cars. Of course, it will take decades for everyone to own an electric car. However, the industry is already making great strides in implementing a new production chain. After all, even electric car tires are different.

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Electric car tires: They look the same, but they are all different

In an article published on the Exame portal, the CEO of Pirelle – a manufacturer of popular tires and electric car tires, Cesar Alarcon said that the elements are round and black, and the rest is completely different.

This is due to the performance of electrified cars. It is faster in acceleration and delivers a completely different performance than what the market has been used to until now. From the geometry, materials and structures that make up the tire, everything is completely different from ordinary rubber.

In fact, Pirelle already has a goal of producing electric car tires. The goal is to have 60% of certified products by 2025, and therefore, in just two years.

Features of electric car tires

Some of the advantages offered by electric car tires are greater smoothness, lower noise and greater resistance to rolling on asphalt. In fact, the softer the impact of a car, the more economical it is, which is a key factor in electric cars.

According to the CEO of Pirelle, the company is testing alternative and sustainable products for tire production. After all, rubber from petroleum does not go hand in hand with the proposal to use renewable energies.

Therefore, the brand has already tested production with rice husk and cellulose. Thus, electric car tires are made of renewable and natural materials, in addition to steel and some chemicals.

Regarding the price, there is still no exact margin on the topic. The more popular electricity is, the lower the cost of the technology compatible with it.