September 25, 2022
Cantora Gretchen é conhecida por fazer inúmeros procedimentos estéticos

Understand what Gretchen’s intimate surgery is and what are the risks of the procedure – News

Singer Gretchen is known throughout Brazil for undergoing many cosmetic procedures. She has no problem taking all of the interventions either on the face or the body. The last one was a intimate plastic surgery, It was The right to celebrate on the social networks of the artist.

The operation, called lymphoplasty, can be performed in four areas of the female reproductive organ: on the labia minora, the skin near the entrance to the vaginal canal; on the labia majora, the outer part of the vulva; In the pubis, the fattest part is in the anterior region of the vagina. And on the clitoris.

The indication for the procedure can be for aesthetic reasons or for health reasons, as directed by your plastic surgeon, Wandemberg Barbosa. “Labia minora excision is indicated when they become enlarged, that is, they enlarge and cause pain during intercourse and favor the accumulation of secretions and possible infections. Aesthetically, women are also looking for surgeons to perform the operation.”

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in the United States, the operation can be performed from the age of 12, but only in “extremely symptomatic cases, where the growth of the area can affect self-esteem or cause discomfort or social stigma.”

The National Institutes of Health further explains that “enlargement of the labia minora is congenital, although women claim that the growth is related to childbirth, hormone therapy, and aging.”

Whether out of necessity or aesthetics, the risks of the procedure are small, but the selection of specialists who master the technique is essential.

“The danger really is there when the surgeon doesn’t master the technique, and suddenly it can slip, causing injury to the clitoris or eventually bleeding,” Barbosa stresses.

The chances of a woman losing sensitivity are slim. “The risk is minimal. With this technique being mastered, the doctor removes the enlarged tissue to the base of the clitoris, without touching the area where it is,” says the doctor.

In order for the side effects to be less, women need to respect the medical guidelines in the postoperative period. “Three or four days after the operation, the patient can return to work. From the point of view of intercourse we advise until the sutures fall off, which takes about four weeks, so that the person can resume work. The normal situation,” he points out.

The National Institutes of Health also reported other complications: “The most common complications are slight separation of the closing edge of the labia or a small fistula, which occurs in less than 2% of cases. Chronic scar discomfort or interference with sexual intercourse is very rare and sometimes correctable, and can cause Tissue or scarring lengthens over time, but this can be easily fixed.”

There are also few contraindications. “If there is an infection associated with the genitals, the patient suddenly has shingles or possibly a nearby skin tumor, does not warrant surgery,” the doctor explains.

The US Department of Health adds that clinicians should not perform surgery on patients with body dysmorphic disorder, which are people who are excessively concerned about one or more non-existent or hidden defects in appearance that cause severe distress and/or impaired functional ability.

The operation can be performed in well-equipped hospitals or clinics, anesthesia is done by anesthesia, a specialist must be present at the time of the operation, and the duration is up to 40 minutes.

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