January 28, 2023

Unemployment insurance has been corrected and premiums have increased to R$2,230

The value of the Unemployment insurance It has been rectified and you will now receive installments of up to R$ 2,230. The value varies from one to two minimum wage. The adjustment was R$124.89 compared to the previous amount. The amendment takes into account the 2022 National Consumer Price Index (INPC), which was released last Tuesday (10).

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The index reached 5.93%. With this change, benefits already released will be corrected based on the new unemployment insurance amount, into the remaining premiums.

Unemployment insurance is fixed

The amount each worker will receive from unemployment insurance is based on the average wage for the last three months before layoffs, provided each premium is not less than the minimum wage.

Unemployment insurance is a benefit paid to every worker who worked under the CLT system and was Disqualified Without just cause or even by indirect dismissal, when there is a grave fault on the part of the employer that leads to the termination of the employment relationship.

It is a resource guarantee for the worker until he gets a new position in the market, ensuring the basics to support the family. To obtain unemployment insurance, the worker cannot receive any other parallel benefits, or be a partner in a company.

How is unemployment insurance calculated?

Each worker receives 3 to 5 premiums. The calculation takes into account some factors, such as the time of the activity and the number of times the citizen used the resource.

For example, those who prove to have at least six months of employment receive three premiums. The benefit of 4 installments is for those who have been active for at least 12 months.

Or up to five installments for those who have worked for more than 24 months. If this is a first application, it is necessary to work with a formal contract for at least 12 months in the last 18 months prior to acceptance.

The amount of the benefit paid to a dismissed worker, based on corrected unemployment insurance, will vary in 2023 from R$1,302 to R$2,230.97.