May 28, 2023

Unicamp will reduce exact science questions and increase humanities questions

Knowing that understanding the humanities is as important as knowing the exact sciences, which is the committee that organizes the college entrance examination Unicamp I decided that the college test would include more human questions and less accurate ones. Thus, at the first stage, questions about the natural sciences will be minimized. Here’s a look at all the changes:

Unicamp includes humanitarian issues in the second phase as well

For those who want to join Unicamp, maybe it’s time to focus a little more on humanities issues. After all, the Unicamp entrance examination committee, Comvest, announced that this year’s exams will undergo some changes.

In the first stage, the committee stipulates that there will be fewer natural science questions in the exam. In the second phase, the changes will be that the mathematics questions will also be reduced when it comes to the humanities courses.

What changed in the first stage?

According to the announcement made by Comvest on Tuesday, the 21st, the number of questions remains the same, at 72 multiple-choice questions.

However, what has changed is that previously, of these 72 questions, 31 were about Portuguese, Mathematics and English; 24 from the natural sciences. and 16 humans.

However, starting from that year, the 72 questions will be divided as follows: 31 questions about Portuguese language and mathematics, 21 questions about natural sciences and 20 questions about humanities.

The Comvest manager explains that the change was specifically contemplated to try to balance the two areas of knowledge. After all, the new high school suggests the same workload for both areas.

“If I have the same workload and the students are not experiencing the same test pressure, those who are more comfortable in the humanities field, for example, are harmed doing entrance exams in previous years,” Mukherek explained.

What changed in the second phase?

The first day of the second phase will work in the same way, 10 questions for Portuguese, English, Science and an essay with two suggested texts for the candidate to choose.

On the second day, candidates who choose the humanities courses will have a reduction in the number of mathematics questions in their exam from 6 to 4 questions, the others 2 in humanities, 6 in history, 6 in geography and 2 in philosophy and sociology.

For those who choose a course in the biological sciences and the health field, there will also be only 4 questions in mathematics and 2 in humanities, but the other questions remain, 6 in chemistry and 8 in biology.

As for the exact sciences courses, it follows as before, 6 questions in Mathematics, 6 in Chemistry, 6 in Physics, and 2 in Humanities.