March 26, 2023

Unimed Curitiba buys Maternidade Nossa Senhora de Fátima

a Unimed Curitiba and the San Jose Cultural Associationthe breadwinner Our Lady of Fatima Maternity Hospital, Formalization of the sale and purchase agreement of the enterprise by the cooperative. The contract was signed by the Director of Unimed Curitiba, Rachid Hajar Traya, and Sister Katia Regan Sassi, Regional Superior of the Congregation of St. Joseph of Chambéry, to which the Associação São José belongs.

Representatives of the maternity hospital and the cooperative will work together so that the future administration can, in the month of May, take over the management of the hospital in complete safety, ensuring the quality of medical services and hospital services.

Councils and Councils of Unimed Curitiba and Maternidade Nossa Senhora de Fátima

“This is a special moment in the history of the cooperative,” emphasized the Director of Unimed Curitiba, as it represents the union of the purposes of care and excellence in assistance. He promoted the goal of “turbo-boosting” the maternity hospital where his younger brother was born and where he received part of his practical training as a student at PUC-PR. “We will transform this maternity hospital into the best experience in obstetric care in Paraná,” ​​confirmed Rashid Hajar Tria.

Sister María da Gloria Fernández, a member of the Regional Council of the Community, endorses the union of the purposes of the entity with the Cooperative for “a birth of quality for all, with a life at the service of life”.

The purchase of the hospital facility was approved by the cooperative doctors at the Extraordinary General Assembly of Unimed Curitiba, held on December 6 last year, and it enhances the services offered by the cooperative.