December 3, 2023
Unimed Rio Preto Remembers Doctor's Day with 50 Years of Tradition and Quality of Care |  Special Announcement Unimed Rio Preto

Unimed Rio Preto Remembers Doctor’s Day with 50 Years of Tradition and Quality of Care | Special Announcement Unimed Rio Preto

Continuing fifty years of tradition and success in caring for her patients, Unimed Rio Preto She has a lot to celebrate. In addition to recognizing the quality of care, the cooperative celebrates an important date for its entire team: Doctor’s Day, which is remembered across the country on Monday, October 18.

With a large network of accredited hospitals and clinics, the company distinguishes itself with renowned professionals in various specialties, providing assistance in preventive medicine, clinical analysis laboratory and corporate health programs.

Espaço Viver Bem offers a wide range of patient care – Photo: Luís Felipe Regis

In addition, it contains the Unimed Health Complex, which includes 24-hour emergency care for adults and children, which has been awarded the Gold Seal of “Level 3 Excellence in Management” by the National Accreditation Organization (ONA).

Lt. Col. Marcos Paiva went there to visit the unit and spoke with Unimed Rio Preto President, Dr. José Luis Crivellin (CRM 56.586), who spoke about the cooperative’s 50th anniversary campaign and its amazing trajectory thanks to the team doctor’s efforts. Watch the show on Saturday (16).

Marcos Paiva and President of Unimed Rio Preto, Dr. José Luis Crivellin – Photo: TV TEM

All these services have been provided to ensure that the beneficiaries are fully treated in their needs. For this reason, Espaço Viver Bem offers many services, such as physiotherapy, nutrition, speech therapy, psychology and occupational therapy.

On the other hand, Unimed #cuidardevc Space is another system that provides services such as health management, elderly health and vaccination center, serving the general public. To learn more about health plans and infrastructure, go to:

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Responsible Physician: Dr. Jose Luis Crevelin | CRM 56.586