December 1, 2023
United States to release oil reserves;  Will this reduce petrol prices?  - 11/30/2021

United States to release oil reserves; Will this reduce petrol prices? – 11/30/2021

You The United States has announced it will release 50 million barrels of oil Its strategic reserves in an effort to devalue the international market. But it will come at a price Fuels Fall in Brazil too? At Chat with the expert This Thursday (25), weekly and live show UOL, Economist César Esperandio says US conflict with OPEC + (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) is “possible”, but not yet effective.

The move is in collaboration with other oil consuming countries such as China, India, South Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom.

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More barrels of oil, lower the price of petrol?

The result of Joe Biden, US President, joint release of stored oil is against OPEC +’s rejection of calls for a significant increase in production. The market is now focused on how the company will respond to US action.

According to Esperandio, some researchers have specialized Fuels Fossils already claim that OPEC + could “push” oil production. “This move by the United States to combat OPEC and then lower oil prices may even reduce product concessions,” the source explained. Egonovic.

An economist says rising oil prices are one of the villains of inflation around the world, including in Brazil.

The US has decided to curb the rise in crude oil prices in the international arena. Therefore, with the greater concession of barrels, there will be a decline in the price of petrol, diesel and gas cylinders in Brazil because the pricing policy was laid down. Petroprose Follows the foreign market.

The higher the dollar the higher the fuel price

Here in the country, the price of fuel is already high, but the rise of the dollar could make the situation worse, says Esperandio. “The dollar price in Brazil has also risen due to local political developments. Therefore, petrol, which is already expensive here, is rising further with the rise of the dollar,” he said.

“It simply came to our notice then [americana] Get it right, without global geopolitical tension, so prices [dos combustíveis] Will fall without a hitch, ”he declared.

Invest to protect your money from inflation

The economist said their investments could be protected from rising prices. One of the options Tesoro HICB, A hybrid bond that pays one post fixed (inflation) and one fixed-rate (bonus) component.

“This investment protects you from the loss of inflationary purchasing power,” he declared.

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