May 31, 2023

Up to 100% scholarships for Brazilians to study in the US; Learn more about the program

Ohio University is one of the most famous and reputed institutes of higher education in the United States of America (USA) which has open admissions for courses offering 100% scholarships to students. This is a great opportunity for Brazilians who want to gain experience living abroad, enrich their curriculum and expand their learning horizons.

How to study in USA for free? Image: Disclosure

How to get 100% scholarship to study in USA?

All those interested in the opportunity can apply digitally through the Latin America Institute of Business (Laiob) website at The application period has already started and ends next month on August 14, 2022. The travel and selection process for distribution of 100% scholarships in the USA was the responsibility of the same institution mentioned above.

In total, there are four different options for short courses to access Ohio University on full scholarship. See what they are:

– corporate finance;

– Marketing strategies and management;

– project management; And

– Management.

Each of the study options listed above has a full scholarship, but 70% will be awarded two scholarships and the rest will be awarded between 30% and 50% of tuition fees. The total amount of the discount is not yet disclosed.

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Classes for Brazilian Scholars in the US will begin in July 2023

Another important piece of information is that the classes for the selected scholarship holders will start only in July 2023, which means there is still one year to prepare until the start of the academic term.

For those looking for a similar opportunity, know that it offers the chance to study at a university with nearly 200 years of tradition in the North American region. It is located in Athens on the same campus as Ohio University.

As the Latin America Institute of Business specializes in short courses, each course lasts only two weeks. Indeed, as its name suggests, it is an institution focused on Latin American citizens.

Pre-requisites for receiving the scholarship

The first requirement is to be over 18 years of age and be attending or have already completed a higher education degree. Then, access the Laiob website (as mentioned earlier), fill the registration form and send the document with all the required data.

The following items will be evaluated:

– English level;

– academic achievement;

– personal experiences;

– motivational data;

– professional experience; And

– Performance in interview.

Registered candidates will be evaluated from August 15 to September 2. The result will be available on the company website on September 5, 2022.

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