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Upon CHAY’s return, BOTAFOGO’s victory returns to NILTÃO and follows him among the leaders of Karioca

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Upon CHAY's return, BOTAFOGO's victory returns to NILTÃO and follows him among the leaders of Karioca
Upon CHAY's return, BOTAFOGO's victory returns to NILTÃO and follows him among the leaders of Karioca

With two goals in a two-minute break in the second half, the Botafogo Defeated Resende by 2 A 1 This Thursday in Nilton Santos StadiumHe remained close to the Carioca championship leader, in third place with 16 points. The match marked the appearance of the season in Chaywho participated in the second half and showed his well-known abilities.

Botafogo started the match above Resende and created two good chances early on. In six minutes, Errison made a good move through the middle, rolled and Ray shot it from outside to make a good save for goalkeeper Jefferson Lewis, but Resende’s archer saved again.

With very few fans in the stadium due to the time and rain, the match took on a kind of bare-bones atmosphere. Botafogo struggled to shine again, against a very limited opponent. In the 30th minute, Fogão finally arrived: Mateus Nascimento received from Luis Fernando and kicked a cross, and Erison threw himself and almost managed to complete the second post.

Botafogo ended up scoring twice in a two-minute break in the final stage. In the 13th minute, Luis Fernando’s cross, the goalkeeper hit the clothes and Mateus Nascimentopusher, made it from 1 to 0. The next minute, Louise Fernando He conquered the area and was engaged by Guanderson. Ericon went to take the penalty and did not miss it, making the score 2 to 0 in favor of Glorioso.

One might think the game is over, but no. In the 23rd minute, Jefinho, who had just entered, advanced in the middle and took a low kick, the ball hit the post and entered: 2 to 1. Resende got excited and almost equalized at 37, with Ingro. But Botafogo managed to hold on to the victory which saw Chai return, showing off his usual quality.

Botafogo next matches

Botafogo will not play this weekend and will only return to the field next Wednesday to play the derby match flamingo8 p.m. at Nelton Santos Stadium. Then, on the 27th day, measure the forces using Portugueseat Luso-Brasileiro Stadium, in Ilha do Governador.

data sheet
Botafogo 2 x 1 Resend

Stadium: Nelton Santos
date and time: 02/17/2022 – 18h
Rule: Rafael Gomez de Sa (RJ)
Auxiliaries: Thiago Henrique Neto Correia Farinha (RJ) and Fabiana Nobrega Beta (RJ)
Income and audience: 49,254.00 BRL / 1,545 Payment / 1,774 Gift
yellow cards: barrett (bot); Kevin, Alan Cardoso and Douglas (RES)
red cards:
Objectives: Mateus Nascimento 13’/2′ (1-0), Erison 15’/2′ (2-0), Givino 23’/2′ (2-1)

Botafogo: Katito Fernandez; Daniel Burgess, Carly Cano, and Jonathan Silva; Fabinho, Barreto (Breno 27’/2ºT) and Ray (Kayque 40’/2ºT); Luis Fernando (Maranhão 30min/2ºT), Mateus Nascimento (Gabriel Conceicao 40min/2ºT) and Erison (Chai 27min/2ºT) – Coach: Lucio Flavio.

Repeat: Jefferson Lewis Juninho, Guanderson, Heator, Alan Cardoso (Douglas 28 min/1ºT); Kevin (Jeffinho 20’/2ºT), Joao Philippe, Brendon and Emmanuel Biancuchi (Kaique 32’/2ºT); Igor Bolt and Masina (Ingro 32 min / 2ºT) – Coach: Sandro Sargentem.

Carioca Championship standings:

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