November 28, 2022
urgent.  Simaria decides to walk away from the stage

urgent. Simaria decides to walk away from the stage

After the interview Granted to the owner of this column published last Wednesday (15/6)in which he revealed differences with his counterpart The couple and sister SimonAnd the Simaria He will be away from the stage indefinitely. The information was confirmed by the duo’s press office in contact with the LeoDias column. Simon will follow the couple’s concert schedule alone In the next few days.

In an official note sent to the column, the duo’s advice stated that Simaria had left the stage due to medical determination. The singer sent a message to fans with the statement: “I love singing the most, but for now, I need to get away from the stage to take care of my health. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon. Be the second voice for my sister Simone in my absence. We’ll meet again soon!” Simone should already take over the duo’s shows on Thursday (16/6), when they are scheduled to perform at the Festa dos Tomates in Paty dos Alferes, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro.


Read the official statement from the duo’s advice:

“RSS Produções Artísticas e Entertainment, the office responsible for managing Simone and Simaria’s jobs, announces that Simaria Mendes, for medical reasons, will not be able to meet the schedule (shows). In a message to contractors and fans, Simaria says: “I love singing, singing is what most I love it, but for now, I need to get off the stage to take care of my health. We will surely meet again soon, it will be my sister Simone’s second vote in my absence. We will meet again soon! “All commitments of Simone & Simaria will be fulfilled by artist Simone Mendes.”

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