September 24, 2023
US adviser says Biden's list of issues to discuss with Bolsanaro at summit 'long' |  Policy

US adviser says Biden’s list of issues to discuss with Bolsanaro at summit ‘long’ | Policy

Juan Gonzalez, Senior Director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere, will address the President today (Wednesday). Jair Bolzano And Joe Biden There will be a “long list” of issues to be discussed during the US summit.

At a telephone press conference from Miami, Gonzalez mentioned potential issues such as food insecurity, the economic response to the epidemic, health, health care and climate change. “Brazil plays a very important role in these areas,” he said.

Jair Bolzano and Joe Biden – Photo: Adriano Machado / Reuters and Caroline Castor / AB

Summit of the United States, which brings together leaders from across the American continent We need to discuss strengthening democracy In the region, it will take place in Los Angeles between June 6th and 10th.

Last week, Bolzano confirmed his participation. He and Biden have not yet held a bilateral meeting and are scheduled for a summit. But no Ministry of Foreign Affairs The North American representative did not say when the meeting would take place.

Bolzano has a distant relationship with Pitton. In the 2020 US election, he declared his support for then-President Donald Trump, who was defeated by Fidel in an attempt to get re-elected. Bolzano said the election was rigged From the United States.

According to Juan Gonzalez, Biden will use the summit as an opportunity to meet with heads of state and advance “common goals” such as economic prosperity, climate change, the migration crisis and the Govt-19 epidemic.

During the summit, the US president hopes to announce measures to improve health and health systems to prepare the region for future epidemics, energy and climate change partnerships and proposals to combat the displacement crisis on the continent.

Bolsanaro accepted Fiden's invitation to the US summit

Bolsanaro accepted Biden’s invitation to the US summit

The US government adviser reiterated that the US has confidence in the institutions responsible for the functioning of the Brazilian electoral system. However, Gonzalez noted that the decision rests with the Brazilians.

The Brazilian electoral process has been a recurring theme for US diplomats.

Last month, Biden’s appointment to the U.S. embassy in Brazil led to similar protests by Elizabeth Bagley and US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland.

Responding to a question from Robert Menendez, chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bagley addressed the issue in the US Congress on Saturday. Despite Bolzano’s attacks on the electoral system, he wanted to know what the ambassador could do to ensure that the Brazilian elections were conducted honestly.

“Brazil is a democracy. They have democratic institutions, a democratic electoral system, an independent judiciary and legislature. They have freedom of expression and legislatures. .

Another U.S. government official who has expressed concern about attacks on the electoral system is US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. In an interview with BBC News Brazil, he said he had warned representatives of the Brazilian government about the danger of Russia interfering in this year’s election.

“We want free and fair elections in countries around the world, and especially in democracies. We want to, “he said.