August 19, 2022
US allows more foreign students to work to support economy |  Economy

US allows more foreign students to work to support economy | Economy

The United States has added 22 specialties to its vocational training program for foreign students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, “to support economic development and innovation,” the Department of Homeland Security announced Friday. (DHS).

Optional Practice Training (OPT) is also known as STEM, The program allows undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral students in specific courses to live in the United States for up to 36 months to work in their specialty field.

“Stem inventions allow us to address the complex challenges we face today and to make changes in the way we ensure security and protect our country,” said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Myorgas.

22 new research disciplines include bioenergy, forestry, forest resource production and management, human-centered technology design, cloud computing, anthropology, climate science, geospatial sciences, economics and computer science, and ecological geology. , Geography, Geography and Environmental Studies, Mathematics and Mathematical Economics and Atmospheric Sciences.

These “long overdue” immigration decisions will have a positive economic impact and help the United States compete more effectively in the 21st century, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, and benefit the country during the current labor shortage. Director of the American Immigration Council.

The United States has been facing labor shortages for months, especially for low-wage jobs, in an epidemic environment that raised pensions and caused an event called “The Great Layoff,” when conditions changed as employees searched for better people.