July 25, 2024

US approves bill to release documents on origins of Covid-19

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US approves bill to release documents on origins of Covid-19
US approves bill to release documents on origins of Covid-19

The plan went to Biden’s approval; Republican senator sends letter to Xi Jinping: “Be honest about your role in the spread of Covid”

The US House of Representatives gave unanimous approval on Friday (March 10, 2023). Ra Chi Thu It provides general information about the origin of the new coronavirus. The text has already passed the Senate and is awaiting approval from President Joe Biden.

Covid was first detected in Wuhan in 2019. However, the origin of the virus is uncertain. Two hypotheses have gained strength in recent years:

The US Congress decided to vote on the legislation later Wall Street Journal revealed that US Department of Energy issued a statement, “Low confidence”, the virus may have accidentally escaped from a Chinese laboratory. The agency is one of the intelligence agencies of the country.

In response, the Chinese embassy in the US sent a letter to Republican Senator Josh Hawley, who authored the bill, on Wednesday (8.Mar). In the document received by Fox NewsThe United States has accused “Undermining international unity“In the fight against the corona virus.

I am reaching out to express our grave concern over the ‘Covid-19 Origin Law’ of 2023, which falsely claims that Covid-19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology; China accuses China of obstructing international investigations, refusing to share information and acting with a lack of transparency. This is; The Director of National Intelligence should release public information regarding the origin of Covid-19”, says the letter.

In the Chinese government’s estimation, the United States “On the wrong track of political maneuvering”. He said, “US intelligence agency’s so-called traceability report is an attempt to ‘incriminate’ China“Shifting Responsibility”Its own failure to fight the epidemic”.

The embassy has questioned China’s transparency in its investigations and why it has not investigated the Washington laboratory. University of North CarolinaBeijing suggests this is where the coronavirus may have come from.

Hawley responded in an open letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping. This document was released by Senator Twitter The same day the plan was executed at Casa Baixa. Here it is FullIn English (132 KB).

In the letter, the senator noted that the bill for his author had been unanimously approved by both the House and the Senate. “I know you are [Xi] Deeply concerned about the bill – his own Communist officials have written to my office in their usual tone, no-nonsense style demanding that it be dropped.“, he said.

But the bill will soon become law — unless you can convince President Biden to veto it. Time is up. Be transparent about your role in the spread of Covid to the world”, concluded Hawley.

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