US Capitol Riots: A Florida man accused of committing riots at the inauguration has been arrested, according to the Department of Justice

Prosecutors said that Samuel Camargo, 26, was arrested Wednesday in Washington. The name of Camargo’s lawyer was not immediately available Thursday. He has not formally filed a petition yet

Camargo faces four charges in connection with the events of January 6, which include civil unrest. Entering or remaining in any building or land intentionally prohibited without legal authority; Knowingly engaging in disorganized or disruptive behavior in any prohibited building or land; Violent entry and disorderly behavior on Capitol grounds, according to the criminal complaint.

Camargo appeared on Thursday in DC County Courthouse, where a judge ordered that he remain in custody pending trial. The judge agreed with the Department of Justice that Camargo was in danger of fleeing.

“Frankly, this country is very large and there are many different places in which the accused can hide,” US Magistrate Dhia Faruki told the hearing.

Washington prosecutors wrote in a court memo on Thursday that Camargo was seen in a videotape at a Capitol entrance on January 6 “using his cell phone to record his struggle with the US Capitol Police over the opening of a door to the US Capitol Building.”

Prosecutors wrote that Camargo later apologized on social media for his actions that day “while on the Capitol in the capital.”

On January 7, when an FBI agent called him about his actions, Camargo admitted that he was in Washington the day of the riots and returned to his home in Broward County, Florida.

“He then became uncooperative and questioned the agent’s loyalty to the constitution before saying he had no further information to provide,” prosecutors wrote. After this interview, the defendant posted on social media, “I just finished speaking to an FBI agent, I think I was acquitted.”

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Prosecutors said authorities tried to arrest Camargo on Tuesday from his home in Florida, but he was gone. He was found the next day in Washington.

Camargo told investigators after his arrest that he knew he was wanted by the Justice Department in connection with his actions on the Capitol and “decided that he should try to attend the inauguration rather than convert himself into authorities,” prosecutors wrote in the court file Thursday.

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