September 24, 2022
US City Ranks as 'Happiest' Place to Visit - 09/03/2022

US City Ranks as ‘Happiest’ Place to Visit – 09/03/2022

Maybe Mickey mouse A little disappointed by the data published by Club Med UK. According to a recent ranking published by a travel and leisure website, the ‘happiest’ place in North America is Las Vegas, a city in Nevada, USA, famous for its casinos.

The resort company’s research considered several factors to come up with this holiday happiness ranking, gathering data on crime, pollution levels, average beer prices, and more.

Citing reviews left by visitors on sites such as Trip Advisor and Naturist, the text cites the large number of outdoor activities, spas and acceptance with the public. LGBTQIA+.

Although this is a city of casinos, outdoor activities are featured in the article

Image: Michael A. Pancier/Getty Images

The ratings left Las Vegas with a score of 73.7 out of 100, 26.8 points ahead of second-place New Orleans.

Check out the top 10 happiest cities in North America:

  • Las Vegas – 73.7
  • New Orleans – 26.8
  • Vancouver – 23.2
  • San Francisco – 22.4
  • Washington – 21.2
  • Los Angeles – 19.8
  • Portland – 19.3
  • Toronto – 19.8
  • Halifax – 19.8
  • Nashville – 19.3

Outside of the US, the rankings list Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Budapest, Hungary and Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro as the happiest destinations.