December 6, 2023

US Congressmen’s request to end Brazil’s alliance with NATO by 2021

What they share: Members of the US Congress have asked President Joe Biden to “end the beginning” with Brazil until a new president is elected.

Estadão Verify investigated and concluded: It is misleading. From October 15, 2021, the editor of the article cut a segment from the TV culture report to avoid it being an old news item referring to the government of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). Despite protests by the US Congress, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) external partner status remains active until its mandate expires.

Rumors resurrected old news from television culture to suggest that the United States was about to cut ties with Brazil Photo: Breeding

Learn more: The post has been parsed Estadão checks It was released on May 1st this year and received over 38k likes on Instagram. It shows part of a message with words like “U.S. Congress asks to end start with Brazil”, “Demand until we have another president”, “This is how we keep going downhill” and a heart. Emoji with flag of Brazil.

From the comments on the post, it is clear that most users understand that this is the latest information. For example, they speculate that this will be the reaction of the US Congress to the foreign policy of the current government. “Diplomacy gives zero to Lula,” reads one of the publication’s keynotes.

By a simple Google search with the terms Congressmen, Americans, Biden This is NATO I can already recognize that this is old material. Various vehicles like BBC, G1 This is Earth Echoed this topic on October 14, 2021. In the Videos tab, the first result leads to original content, published by Television culture The next day on their YouTube channel.

The attempt at deception is evident when you note that the original video had the text “US Congressmen Condemn Bolsonaro.” The piece, which is now circulating on social media, edits the image to not show that part of the screen and cuts out the final length of the statement clarifying the reasons given by the members of parliament in the letter to Biden, mentioning the former Brazilian by name. President.

At the time, a group of members of Congress asked the US president to revoke the status of additional NATO ally granted to Brazil in August 2019, except for Bolsonaro – until a new president is elected. With several announcements that they could not accept defeat in the elections without printed ballots, there was fear among them that this joint political party could strengthen the coup.

Despite the appeal, Biden did not revoke the Brazilian status, which remained active until the end of Bolsonaro’s term in December 2022, and remains in place today. This measure provides practical benefits such as the right to become a preferred buyer of US military equipment and technology and participation in auctions organized by the Pentagon. It also enables training between the armed forces of the two countries.

According to a newspaper report globe, this move does not represent a step before joining NATO. A reflection of the Cold War waged against the Soviet Union in the 20th century – European countries wanted a change in the organization’s constitution that would limit membership. Apart from Brazil, about 20 countries are the same list of external partners.

How to handle posts like: Even reports broadcast by professional TV journalism can be taken out of context to mislead people on social media. A very common practice is to take old material and recirculate it to come up with new material for easy engagement and support.

To avoid falling for such lies, try to research more about the subject before liking and sharing. See if news sites are talking about it. If you don’t find anything, be suspicious. If you find it, check the publication date and try to get a better understanding of the subject beyond the title and first paragraph.