March 25, 2023

US, Dutch and Japanese sanctions will have no effect against China: analyst

while USA, Netherlands and Japan Put together the last details of a broad agreement Industry analysts are concerned about the situation, which could limit exports of chip machines to China.

Because the representative of many manufacturers believes Actions against Beijing will not be enough. SEMI, the association of semiconductor companies, has said it is interested in strengthening US national security.

However, the regulation proposed by the Biden administration provides that restrictions imposed by allies may not be as powerful as those imposed by Washington.

Even if Japan, the Netherlands and other allies agree to restrictions on specific equipment, they will be largely ineffective unless international partners agree to broader restrictions on Chinese factories producing advanced chips.

SEMI urges partners to take more stringent measures. Prevents Western engineers from cooperating with Chinese companies.

Without additional restrictions, advanced semiconductor manufacturing in China could still take place with existing equipment, Chinese-made equipment, and other unrestricted materials with the advantage of know-how and services from outside the United States.

The SEMI representative also noted that the share of American chip machine companies as Chinese manufacturers has fallen sharply in the Chinese market. He chose technology from the NetherlandsFor example.

Further, Many Chinese companies are expecting Constraints through large-scale purchases of chip-making equipment over the past two years.

These lost sales [por empresas dos EUA] It went to countries that had not used sanctions against China until then. It diverted billions of dollars in sales that should have gone to American companies.