October 1, 2022
US Export Report Returns

US Export Report Returns

The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) weekly export sales report is finally back after a three-week hiatus, reports Agriculture.com. Maize sales for delivery in the 2022-2023 marketing year fell to 583,100 tonnes in the seven days ended September 8 from 816,000 tonnes the week before, the company said in separate reports.

Mexico was the largest buyer with 283,800 tons, followed by Guatemala with 135,000 tons, Unknown Countries with 90,700 tons, Colombia with 28,800 tons, and Panama with 24,900 tons. Weekly exports were reported at 426,800 tonnes.

Soybean sales also fell in the full week through September, falling to 843,000 tonnes from 1.47 million tonnes a year ago, the USDA said. China bought 441,700 tonnes, an unnamed country bought 107,400 tonnes, Taiwan 104,200 tonnes, Mexico 75,400 tonnes and Indonesia 58,900 tonnes.

Total exports for the week were 375,900 tonnes. Meanwhile, wheat sales rose from 217,300 metric tons to 192,600 tons, while Iraq bought 100,000 tons.

The weekly total would have been higher but for an unnamed importer that canceled 206,000 tons of shipments, the USDA said in its report. The government alleged that the weekly export sales report was delayed due to technical issues.