February 6, 2023
US federal court orders Navy to pay $154,000 to pirates

US federal court orders Navy to pay $154,000 to pirates

The United States Federal Court Condemned Navy destroy $154,400 (BRL 833,698 at current exchange rate) to a German company called Bit Management🇧🇷 The decision comes after a six-year legal battle over copyright infringement by the US agency.

The amount sought by the company, however, was US$ 155 million (R$ 838 million) in the case. First, this is the result of a calculation that takes into account the value of US$ 259 per license of the program. BS Contract Geo, used to create 3D landscapes. In this case, the number would be 600,000 installed copies of the software.

Initially, BitManagement released 38 copies of the program for use. The breach, then, occurred in 2011 and the German company filed suit in 2016. The opening document of the process shows that between 2011 and 2015, 558,466 BS contract JIOs were installed.

However, it turns out that only 635 licenses were used and it was from this quantity that the calculation of the amount owed to the US Navy came out. In this case, it costs US$ 200 for each license and US$ 350 for each 100 concurrent use plans. Incidentally, it came out of negotiations between the two parties.