May 31, 2023
US: Ford may add Nova Ranger with long bucket

US: Ford may add Nova Ranger with long bucket

The new Ford Ranger is already in its global version, not specifically for the US market, with only prototypes running camouflage tests.

However, the volume of these vehicles in Uncle Sam’s land is currently attracting attention.

Snapshots The American Ford Ranger has a chassis with a larger wheelbase, which means they have a longer load bucket.

As spotted by the American press, Ranger units appeared with rear wheel arches and door spacing wider than the global model.

It’s natural that American customers asked for more volume in the cargo bed and Ford decided not to, as did Mitsubishi.

Later, the L200 retains the so-called “J” row of the cabin from the previous generation, thus keeping the wheelbase with two buckets, one long and one short.

For Ford, the American Ranger is intended mostly for the markets of Canada and Mexico, in addition to the domestic market, which is huge, so a local model would be beneficial.

Although the names are different, the American Ranger may have a more robust setup like the Chevrolet Colorado for the Brazilian S10.

Another point is that a larger Ranger departs from the Maverick, avoiding a possible comparison, although the proposition of each is more obvious to pickup truck customers in America.

Coming in 2023, the local Ford Ranger will be manufactured in Michigan and will feature a Raptor version, as well as suspension changes and the presence of a V6 3.0 EcoBoost engine.

A plug-in hybrid version and a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine are also expected to make an appearance.

It is not known whether a diesel option and its SUV variant, in this case the Ford Everest, will be offered but under a different name.

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