March 30, 2023
US Government Invites Meeting to Discuss Data Collection - 10/11/2021

US Government Invites Meeting to Discuss Data Collection – 10/11/2021

Protection against Ramsonware, The President announced that the type of malware designed to “smuggle” systems and files and the demand for pre-recovery ransom will be the topic of the next meeting between the United States and its NATO and G7 allies Joe Biden.

“This month, the United States will unite 30 countries to expedite our cooperation in promoting cooperation between law enforcement officers against cybercrime, attacking the illegal use of cryptocurrencies and engaging us diplomatically in these issues,” Biden’s statement said in a statement.

Despite the problem that has plagued computer owners for many years, virtual attack by Ramsonware has given new impetus to the epidemic, with many businesses operating remotely, increasing computer activity in the day-to-day lives of companies. As a result, more people emerged.

One of the most notorious lawsuits that helped promote the crowd called by the United States was the Ramsonware attack against the Colonial Pipeline, the company that coordinates the country’s main pipeline use.

In May of this year, the company was attacked by hackers through Ramsonware, who demanded $ 4.4 million (R $ 23.8 million) or 75 bitcoins in cash. The hackers promised to release about 100 GB of data stolen from the colonial pipeline on the Internet if the money was not paid.

In addition to extorting money from the company, the attack had serious economic consequences because the colonial pipeline was shut down in an attempt to control the attack. As a result, airports in many US states experienced fuel shortages for days.

The DarkSide team was held accountable for the FBI (US Federal Police) criminal activity. It is a group of hackers whose origins are unknown, although the biggest suspicion is that they operate from Russia. When asked if there was any evidence that the Russian government was involved, Biden said “Russian authorities have a responsibility to deal with this.”

Government response

In addition to announcing the meeting with allies, the report released by the Biden administration highlights some of the steps already taken to improve cyber security in the United States.

For example, it claims that the 100-day action plan in the power sector has already helped secure the 150 applications used by 90 million Americans. It also highlights the government’s focus on data protection in the infrastructure sector, which is considered essential at the moment.

“It is time for nations to work together to establish and promote clear rules for all countries in cyberspace and to make it clear that we are accountable to those who threaten our security,” the statement said.

During the attack on the colonial pipeline, Biden had to declare a state of emergency, which allowed the removal of restrictions on the transport of fuel by road in an attempt to alleviate the widespread shortage.

How Ramsonware works

Malware is a combination of the terms “malware” and “software”, which means a program that causes damage to an infected target.

Ramsonware is a type of malware that prevents a system from operating normally, requiring recovery money for files and published data in return (“Ramson” means “recovery”).

This is a type of attack that has been going on since the late 1980s, but in recent years, it has become the target of international controversy as countries attack their computer systems.

Moreover, as demanded by the hackers who attacked the colonial pipeline, paying in cryptocurrency has become common among criminals working with Ramsonware because it is difficult to find out where the money went.