September 29, 2023
US hopes Russia could strike Ukraine at any time - News

US hopes Russia could strike Ukraine at any time – News

The White House said on Tuesday that Russia was ready to launch an offensive against Ukraine “at any moment” and warned that the current situation was “extremely dangerous.”

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told a daily news conference that if Russia decides to invade Ukrainian territory, it will “have no choice but to leave the country.”

Psaki assured that the US government had information that Russia was preparing to evict the families from its embassy in Ukraine and had been doing so since late December.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen is due to visit Europe on Tuesday, where he will travel to Kiev and Berlin on a trip to Geneva on Friday, which will end on Friday with a meeting with Russian envoy Sergei Lavrov to reduce tensions and pursue a diplomatic course.

Psaki stressed that it was up to Russian President Vladimir Putin to resolve the crisis through diplomacy or “with serious economic consequences.”

Trade restrictions

In this regard, the spokesman stressed that the US government is still considering suspending the certification process for the North Stream 2 pipeline, as did Germany.

Despite the US government’s insistence on diplomatic channels with Russia, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told several media outlets on Tuesday that the United States was continuing to monitor the strong Russian military presence on the country’s eastern and northern borders.

“There is no indication that the Russians are ready to reduce the intensity [militar]Kirby commented.

A Pentagon spokesman echoed the White House’s warning of Moscow’s economic impact on Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, and said Washington would be prepared to respond in a “positive way” to any request for NATO capabilities, support and resources. A fictional Russian invasion case.