July 18, 2024

US House approves $840 billion military package

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US House approves $840 billion military package
US House approves $840 billion military package

The measure seeks to ensure technological competitiveness, improve aid to Ukraine, and correct mistakes in the fight against terrorism.

The US House this Thursday (July 14, 2022) approved an $840 billion plan for Pentagon policy and spending through 2023. There were 329 votes in favor and 101 against the plan.

In effect, the program adds $37 billion to the US Department of Defense budget. The move seeks to improve military aid to Ukraine, correct mistakes in military operations to fight extremism inside and outside the country, and ensure greater technological competitiveness with China.

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, the text calls for a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) review of resources needed to stop a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Allocates 100 million US dollars to train Ukrainian pilots.

Congressmen are calling for feasibility studies to strengthen military cooperation with Taiwan.

The plan also guides the Army to analyze the risks involved in an area dedicated to terrorism. Specify Proud boysA far-right group participated in it Invasion of the capital On January 6, 2021.

Amendments to the Senate version are necessary for the plan to move forward. The Casa Alta text is not publicly available.

Resources also depend on the completion of budget appropriations by the US Congress.

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