August 19, 2022
US: Lack of mechanics at dealerships is a concern

US: Lack of mechanics at dealerships is a concern

The U.S. is facing new shortages in the auto industry, a time when it is not connected to global suppliers of parts and components. No mechanics at dealerships.

According to a CNBC article, US dealerships have a severe shortage of skilled workers for car maintenance, prompting alarm in the industry.

Local reports say that it is very difficult to get technicians and experts who specialize in vehicle maintenance both in dealerships and private workshops.

The difficulty of recruiting and retaining professionals in the area is seen as one of the reflections of a movement in the United States known as the “Great Redundancy.”

Many professionals, in many areas, are resigning their jobs at very high fees, which are higher than what is usually seen, which has been going on since the end of the Covid-19 quarantine.

Service advisors and service managers are the occupations at dealerships experiencing the most labor shortages.

However, long before the pandemic, the auto industry saw a significant reduction in maintenance, with less engine supply.

It’s been going on for decades, but now it’s being pronounced. Low salaries, as well as lack of career planning, are one of the reasons for not training professionals in the field.

Another reason is the transformation of the industry, where mechanics are being replaced by professionals trained in high technology to repair sophisticated cars.

Electrification is also one of the reasons why the supply of auto maintenance technicians in the United States is shrinking due to the increasing demand for professionals who specialize in electrified vehicles.

In the latter, the auto industry sees training of technicians focused on new technologies as an opportunity, and this helps dealerships attract manpower.

[Fonte: CNBC]