June 28, 2022
US military plane with 4 people crashes in Norway Arctic |  The world

US military plane with 4 people crashes in Norway Arctic | The world

A military aircraft from To usAboard a ship with four people on board, north NorwayInformed Scandinavian authorities.

The U.S. OSPREY plane “was reported missing at 08:26 (14:26 GMT),” the rescue services (HRS) report said. Norway.

The local newspaper “Nordlis” reported that the plane was a V-22 Osprey model and had gone missing a few kilometers south of Bodø, 1,000 km from Oslo.

The newspaper “Ranaplot” reported that a rescue team had been called and was searching for survivors, but that the weather was not favorable.

Soldiers from the United States and other countries forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Began to do great military exercises This Monday (14), in Norway.

The long-planned “Gold Response 2022” exercise, which mobilized 30,000 soldiers and aims to test the country’s ability to gain external reinforcements during an aggression against a third country (Article 5) NATO Provides a military response to aggression against any of the member states).

However, these exercises are taking place in the context of the crisis between the West and Russia after the occupation of Ukraine.

“This is a defensive exercise,” said General Ingwe Otlow, head of the Norwegian Operations Command, commenting on the beginning of the maneuvers.

“This is not a military operation with the intent to attack,” he told TV2.

Organized every two years these sea, wind, waterfall and land maneuvers are carried out over large areas of Norwegian territory beyond the Arctic Circle.

Russia rejected an invitation to send visitors.

“Strengthening the military capabilities of NATO Being close to Russia’s borders will not improve security in the region, “said his embassy in Oslo last week.

“The Russians have” fully mobilized surveillance capabilities “of the maneuvers and” I believe they respect the agreements in place, “General Otlow said.