May 31, 2023

US National Security Adviser speaks on the phone with Celso Amorim about the Ukraine War | world

US Government National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in a file photo – Photograph: Leah Melis/Reuters

The National Security Adviser of the United States, Jake Sullivan, spoke to President Lula’s international advisor, Celso Amorim, on the phone about the war in Ukraine, on Tuesday (18). Information for the call was released by the White House.

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In addition to the war, the White House reported that Sullivan and Amorim discussed bilateral and global relations.

“They discussed a range of bilateral and global issues, including Russia’s war against Ukraine, continued cooperation to combat climate change and protect the environment, the G20, and our joint efforts to protect democratic institutions,” she said in a statement.

This call comes after the United States criticized President Lula’s speeches on the war. In recent days, the Workers’ Party has accused the United States and European countries of prolonging the conflict by providing Ukraine with weapons to defend itself.

The White House press secretary, Karen Jean-Pierre, said this Tuesday that Brazil is wrong in saying that the United States is encouraging war.

Earlier, in Anna Flor’s blogCelso Amorim said that Lula seeks the path of peace in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and that he “doesn’t point fingers at anyone”.

“Lula did not wish to offend anyone,” said Amorim.

Also on Tuesday, during a lunch at Itamaraty Palace with the President of Romania, Lula softened his tone and condemned the “violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.”

“We urgently need to form a group of countries that will try to sit down at a table with both Ukraine and Russia to find peace,” he declared.

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