February 8, 2023
US politicians want to know if Twitter handles posts in China

US politicians want to know if Twitter handles posts in China

Protests broke out in China against the government’s strict Covid control policies

If Twitter uses its spam policy to block posts, Musk will have to answer to US Democrats

Photo: Victor Gonzalez Cuoso – Flickr / Flipbar

A group of US Democratic lawmakers has made the call Elon Musk Replies to allegedly manipulated tweets in China. According to the politicians, the CEO Twitter It should be clarified whether posts are disabled on the platform Protests Against restrictions on Covid In the Asian country, through its policy Spam🇧🇷

Lawmakers Raja Krishnamurthy, Adam Schiff and Jackie Speier believe the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) may be behind the effort to silence tweets on the platform.

“To ensure that the United States is prepared to confront, counter, and deter threats of foreign influence online, it is important to understand the extent of possible manipulation of the People’s Republic of China’s Twitter and to identify how recent changes to Twitter affect the PCC’s foreign influence on the activities of social networks,” they say.

The letter comes after China faced one of its biggest protests in decades. A new wave of discontent was sparked by a fire in the city of Urumqi that killed ten people. According to protesters, the Chinese government’s strict containment policies prevented firefighters from arriving in time to save victims.

US lawmakers have also questioned recent changes at Twitter under Musk’s leadership. “One of the questions is what to do.”Emphasis on freedom of expression“Protected by the new CEO. Additionally, they want to know if the company has the ability to identify manipulative campaigns.

The letter, which had a December 31 response deadline, has yet to be acknowledged by Musk. The billionaire hasn’t spent much of his time on similar initiatives: In November, a US senator sent a statement to Musk after a parody of his profile on Twitter received a verified stamp.

“A Washington Post reporter created a verified account impersonating me. Elon Musk, who pays people and their debt, please stop spreading misinformation for answers. “Twitter needs to explain how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again,” Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey tweeted.

In response, the politician received a dry response from the CEO of the social network – via a tweet.

“Maybe because your real account looks like a parody,” Musk said.

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