September 28, 2023
US press says US has evidence of ordering Russian forces to invade Ukraine |  World

US press says US has evidence of ordering Russian forces to invade Ukraine | World

According to the “Washington Post”, “CBS News” and “The New York Times”, the United States has information that Russian forces have ordered an invasion of Russia. Ukraine. On Friday (18), Biden said that There are “reasons to believe that the Russian forces will attack in the coming days”..

AFP reported that the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department have neither confirmed nor denied this information.

The Washington Post also reported that European officials had expressed frustration at the fact that the United States did not share information obtained through its intelligence services. One of them told the newspaper that, at the moment, he had no information that Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to invade Ukraine.

A Pentagon official said Friday that more than 40% of Russian forces are on the Iraqi border Ukraine She was on the offensive, noting that the destabilization of the country led her Russia “I started”.

The official said that Russian troop movements towards the Ukrainian border had been monitored since Wednesday.

Washington has been warning for weeks that Russia Will provoke an incident on the Ukrainian border to justify an invasion Ukraine. The head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, emphasized again this Sunday (20) that “everything” indicates that Russia It was “on the verge” of an invasion Ukraine.

The Russia He denies any invasion plan, but demands security guarantees such as NATO’s withdrawal from Eastern Europe, a request rejected by the West.

Ukraine lies between NATO members, Russia and their allies – Photo: Editoria de Arte/g1