December 9, 2022
US says China is biggest 'geopolitical challenge'

US says China is biggest ‘geopolitical challenge’

The White House released its new “National Security Strategy” on Wednesday. The 48-page document contains ideas for Washington’s strategy to win competition with China, contain Russia and solve America’s domestic problems.

“As the world continues to navigate the lingering impacts of the pandemic and global economic uncertainty, there is no better nation to lead with strength and purpose than the United States,” US President Joe Biden opened the document.

Biden highlighted what was still “brutal and unfair.” Russia’s war against Ukraine. It is in this context that he hails the strengthening of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the expansion of the military alliance with the entry of its “new allies” Finland and Sweden. And, he points out Military Contract “Aukus”With Australia.

However, China has been identified as the main challenger to US dominance. The document confirms and cites Technology dispute with Chinese in semiconductor sector and the protection of “freedom of navigation”. Taiwan Strait.

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“This strategy recognizes that the People’s Republic of China poses the most significant geopolitical challenge to the United States. While its consequences will be most acutely shaped in the Indo-Pacific, this challenge has significant global dimensions. Russia provides immediacy and continuity to the region. Security order in Europe and disruption and instability globally. evidence, but lacks the full spectrum capabilities of the People’s Republic of China,” the US “National Security Strategy” document says.

View the full document In this link, in English.

“The basic premise of the strategy is that we have entered a decisive decade with regard to two fundamental strategic challenges. The first is the competition between great powers to shape the future of the international order. “Secondly, as this competition unfolds, we have to deal with a set of transnational challenges that affect people everywhere,” he said. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan at a press conference.

“This decisive decade is important for defining the terms of competition, especially with the People’s Republic of China, and for anticipating the biggest challenges that we will not be able to pursue if we waste time in this decade. The climate crisis. But there are other challenges as well,” Sullivan said.

Editing: Arturo Hartmann