August 15, 2022
US says Russian progress on Kiev halted - News

US says Russian progress on Kiev halted – News

A senior U.S. defense official said Tuesday Russian military advance in Kiev Suspended for a while due to Ukrainian opposition and fuel and food shortages.

“In general, we feel that the Russian military movement […] It is currently stranded in Kiev, “the official told reporters.

“We think part of it is related to maintenance and logistics,” he added. “We also generally believe, […] The Russians are reorganizing themselves, reconsidering and trying to adapt to the challenges they face. “

Six days after Moscow invaded its former Soviet neighborhood, according to sources, a large Russian convoy to the north Kiev Not moving yet, but hopes the United States still intends to encircle the Ukrainian capital.

The official also said that the Ukrainian army was constantly violating the invading force and that the Russians were not gaining control of the country’s skies. They failed to reach their first main objective in the northeast of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, where the most intense fighting took place.

In the south, the Russians stationed forces on the coast from Crimea to the Russian border in the east, and besieged the port city of Mariupol.

The Pentagon believes the progress of the 150,000-strong Russian combat force inside Ukraine (about 80% of which have already entered the country) was much slower than planned and is now facing shortages in supplies such as fuel and food.

The official added that although he did not provide evidence, there were signs that anger was beginning to subside on the Russian side, which uses a large number of troops.

“Obviously, not everyone is fully trained and ready, or warned that they will be sent to a combat operation,” the official said.