October 1, 2022
US Secretary of State calls on Brazilian president to resolve crisis in Ukraine |  Ukraine and Russia

US Secretary of State calls on Brazilian president to resolve crisis in Ukraine | Ukraine and Russia

The conversation was first confirmed by the US Embassy in Brazil. Later, through its social networks, Itamaraty reported that Franco and Blingen discussed the crisis. Ukraine And treatment given to it by the United Nations (UN) Security Council.

“The ministers discussed what needs to be done to end the current military operation, restore peace and prevent civilians from continuing to suffer the consequences of the conflict.” Ministry of Foreign Affairs Brazilian.

One week after Bolsanaro’s controversial meeting with Putin, Brazil did not condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This conversation is not on the official agenda of France.

Without criticism RussiaOh Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘Seriously anxious’ said along with the confrontation.

On Thursday, ambassadors representing EU countries in Brazil offered solidarity at the embassy. Ukraine, Bolzano was riding a motorcycle.

He spoke only in the middle of the afternoon and only dealt with the situation of the Brazilians in the country.

Bolsanaro with Minister Carlos Franசாois shows a phone number to help Brazilians in Ukraine – Photo: Breeding / YouTube

Last week, before the war began, Bolzano was there Russia And, next to the President Vladimir Putin, Said to be united with the country. He was later criticized by the United States.

Those in charge of the embassy To us In Brazil, Diplomatic Douglas Gonef said on Thursday The country is waiting for “any announcement” to condemn the attacks Made by Russia The Ukraine. According to him, Brazil’s voice is “important”.

The Brazilian ambassador informed the Walto Cruz blog That To us UN I hope Brazil maintains its position of adhering to the Charter and, in the Organization Security Council, condemns the invasion. Ukraine By Russia.

Those in charge of the embassy Ukraine In Brazil, Anatoly Takach said in an interview on Thursday (24) TV GloboWhat The Brazilian government is expected to condemn the invasion of Russia To the Ukrainian territory.

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